Summer 2020


SEASON IS PROUD TO PRESENT Motor Cave WITH CERAMIC WORKS and large drawings BY SEAN PEARSON.  In lieu of an opening reception, the work will be easily visible from the front window and you are invited to step up and see it during the day.  Appointments are encouraged if you wish to see the work closer, please email robert (at) season (dot) cz.  THE show will continue to September 30.
Sean Pearson is a Seattle artist working in dystopic sculptures.  A constant theme in his work is alienation from an obvious peer group and a reluctant  acceptance into an Other and how this acceptance can happen naturally, slowly and without recognition.  Sean graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida, with additional studies through the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design, New York, New York.  His work has been shown in Seattle, Brooklyn and Los Angeles, and written about in Animal New York and Art F City.

Sean Pearson, Berserk, 2020, glazed ceramic, 12.5 inches tall, front.

Sean Pearson, Berserk, 2020, glazed ceramic, 12.5 inches tall, back.

Sean Pearson, Librarian, detail, 2020, glazed ceramic, 9 inches tall.

Sean Pearson, Peaman, 2019, glazed ceramic, 3 inches.

Sean Pearson, Roger as a Merry-G0-Round, 2020, glazed ceramic, 3 inches diameter.

Sean Pearson, Miserable Festering Abomination, detail, 2019, glazed ceramic, 6 inches tall.

Sean Pearson, Filth Abominations and Lap, 2020, glazed ceramic, 2.5 inches tall.

Sean Pearson, Pilot, 2019, glazed ceramic, 5 inches tall.