Fall 2011

SEASON is proud to present FOREVER AND NEVER, ONE MORE TIME featuring ceramics by Elisabeth Kley and paintings by Shannon Mcconnell.

Elisabeth Kley creates ceramics that are otherworldly and everyworldly.  Roman, Islamic, Mexican and Byzantine styles, along with others, mingle in her work to produce fantasy imagery that defies time and place.  Fine art and decorative elements from various periods are filtered into utilitarian neo-Majolica, destined to furnish the interiors of a flamboyant world, a world inhabited by dandies and fops.  Elisabeth’s line-work mimics wrought iron and serves double duty as it becomes frames for dozens of eyes.  Elisabeth Kley is an artist and writer living in New York City and has shown often there, with a solo show at MomentaArt, and in various group shows at Francis M. Naumann Gallery, A.M. Richard Fine Art and Storefront Gallery, Brooklyn; and SEASON is honored to bring her work to the west coast.


Elisabeth Kley, Lime and Blue Moustache Wing Bottle, 2008, glazed earthenware, 11 inches high

Shannon Mcconnell’s paintings are also otherworldly.  His portraits and landscapes combine elements of arbitrary transfiguration with a garage punk aesthetic nod to the Northwest School.  Applications of thin glazes over an improvised monoprint on paper or canvas produce uncommon vistas into a somewhat common land.  These locations suggest desolate sci-fi environments filled with the diffused light characteristic of the Skagit Valley, while his portraits fracture into a grotesque awareness of Cubism.  Shannon Mcconnell is an artist and musician living in Seattle Washington.  His most recent solo show was at Galerie Blacklist in Prague, Czech Republic.  He has shown at various venues across the Northwest and SEASON is honored to show a collection of all new paintings for this exhibition.

Shannon Mcconnell, The Weathervane, 2011, collage and oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches

Catalog available with essay by Chris Ashley.
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