FALL 2012

SEASON is proud to present Nothing And No Thing featuring photos, sculptures and music videos made individually and collectively by Boston collective The Bathaus.

The Bathaus is well know for their haunting and ephemeral music as well as sculpture, photography, curatorial experiments and performances.  For their show NOTHING AND NO THING, The Bathaus will exhibit work made collaboratively and individually by it’s members A$H Money, Magzilla and DEAD ART STAR.  Although often categorized as Witch House or Chillwave, or any other micro-genre of Dark Electronic Music, BATHAUS has more beats, more glitches, and more opportunity for shoegazing.  Recent releases include ARCANE|||CUT via Haute Magie Records and |Bastien on Phantasma Disques and mixxTape for Noisey for Vice Magazine.  Recent DEAD ART STAR and Magzilla exhibitions include INSTANT MESSAGING at Anthony Greaney, Boston.  BATHAUS and Magzilla will perform locally at The Cock Pit on October 13, DEAD ART STAR will perform during the opening reception on October 14.  This is the first West Coast performance and exhibition by The Bathaus and SEASON is honored to present their work.

DEAD ART STAR, Untitled #2, 2011, C-print, 6 x 4 inches.

Magzilla, Lyrics and notes to “aMiLLi,” 2012.

Catalog available with essay by Maxwell Williams, curator, writer and editor.

Additional images