Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair

August 1-15

I’m very excited to participate in the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair with paintings and drawings by New Hampshire artist Andy Heck Boyd.

As a result of the cancellation of The Seattle Art Fair due to Covid 19, over 50 Seattle area galleries are collaborating to produce unique, individual “fairs” within their spaces and/or online.  Please visit for a list of participating galleries with hours and maps.

The work by Andy Heck Boyd is motivated in part by his paranoid schizophrenia and delusions of hearing the voices of Satan.  These burdens have led Andy to multiple college drop outs, and forced him to become self-taught.  These starts at an art education places his work between that of pure Outsider artist and seasoned grad.  Pulling from numerous aesthetics and styles, his work ranges from short novellas, comics, film, photography and painting and addresses concerns about identity, memory and humor. This exhibition will last August 1 to 15, please contact to arrange a visit.


Installation view

Installation view

Andy Heck Boyd, Untitled (Artforum Ad), 2018, oil on canvas, 10 x 8 inches.

Andy Heck Boyd, Untitled, (Pen and Ink) 2018, acrylic on canvas, 10 x 8 inches.

Andy Heck Boyd, Untitled (Cowboy) 2019, oil on canvas, 10 x 8 inches.

Andy Heck Boyd, Untitled (Mountain Man) 2019, acrylic on canvas, 12 x 9 inches.

Andy Heck Boyd, Untitled (Girl on Phone) 2019, acrylic on canvas, 8 x 10 inches.

Andy Heck Boyd, Untitled (WC Fields and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) 2019, mixed media on canvas, 10 x 10 inches.

Andy Heck Boyd, Mickey Mouse, 2020, acrylic and watercolor on canvas, 14 x 11 inches.

Andy Heck Boyd, various zines, 2019, unique collage and drawing, various page count, 9 x 5.5 each.

Andy Heck Boyd, Heavens Bricks, 2019, 27 ink drawings bound with staples, 9 x 5 .5 inches.

Page from Heavens Bricks.